About CEP

Definition of Community Engagement Platform (CEP)

According to the bylaws, collectively formulated by the CEP members from the pilot communities and project management team, CEP is defined as:

“... mini-neighborhood group formed amongst the community on the principle of volunteerism. It is an important platform for the community people for enhancing their engagement in the democratic process of local governance and development.”


Community Scanning
It helps in identifying issues which can be addressed through self-help, mutual support and public support. This tools provides minimum guidance on what to scan in the community.
Seasonal Calendar
It helps the Community group in scheduling and organizing events in the community. It entails a set of activities identified on consensus building processes amongst the community members.
Happiness Tree
It provides information on what makes community people happy in a logical sequence of actions and to achieve it how they can work towards realizing their happiness.
T-Shaped Analysis
The most critical key at the stage of forming CEP is to find out how people assess the sustainability of the local community where they reside.
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