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The Department of Local Governance began as Local Governance Division in 2005 under the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs to strengthen the Local Government. In 2009, the Division was upgraded to the Department of Local Governance in accordance with Article 9 (8) and Article 22 (1) of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan and the Local Government Act 2009 which charts out the legal framework for the Local Government. Basically, the Department is mandated to promote and strengthen local governance; to coordinate development of the Local Government’s capacities; and to bolster the inter-governmental coordination. The mandate envisages the Local Government in making informed decisions and implementing coordinated activities by the Local Government.


"Democratic and accountable Local Governments built on the principles of good governance for quality public services".


- To coordinate development of system and capacity of the LGs.
- To deepen decentralization process in the Dzongkhags and Gewogs.
- To promote systems of transparency and accountability among the LGs.
- To provide common LG platforms at the national level to discuss and resolve LG issues.
- To promote research, documentation and evidence-based decision-making by the LGs.

Core Values

- Good Governance
- Decentralization
- Community Participation 

Functions of Divisions

Local Governance Development Division


- Institute systems for democratic & accountable LGs
- Promote principles of good governance
- Ensure smooth functioning of LG machinery through implementation of LG laws
- Formulate and review policies, systems, procedures, guidelines and standards pertaining to the LGs/local governance
- Implement LG policies and guidelines
- Preserve and promote age-old traditional systems of governance
- Encourage civic engagement in local governance
- Participate/facilitate consultative processes with central agencies on any policies, laws, rules and regulations pertaining to LGs
- Any other tasks assigned by a competent authority

Legal and Compliance Unit
- Grievance redressal for all issues coming from LGs
- Ensure uniform application of LG Act and Rules
- Conduct/facilitate investigation into LG cases
- Attend to issue-based inquiries from Parliament
- Attend to complaints against the LGs/LG functionaries
- Create awareness on laws, rules and regulations for the LGs
- Bring in best practices and perspectives on local governance
Knowledge Management Division


- Lead in evaluating policies and strategies on decentralization and other issues
- Promote evidence-based decision-making across LGs
- Promote, facilitate & coordinate research programs for LGs
- Publish/facilitate research papers on local governance
- Publish historical accounts of LG institutions and functionaries
- Carry out studies/assessment on evolving systems of local governance
- Study political and democratic landscape at local level
- Coordinate publication and dissemination of LG reports
- Review & document reports submitted by LGs
- Develop and maintain LG database
- Promote documentation for institutional memory
- Build institutional partnership with academia (national, regional & international)
- Set up and coordinate Local Governance Research Association (with cross-sectoral membership)
- Any other tasks assigned by a competent authority
Coordination and Capacity Division


- Coordinate between LGs and CG, and between LGs and central agencies/CSOs
- Conduct/follow-up LG conferences for LG functionaries
- Coordinate/implement capacity development programs for the LGs
- Organize coordination meetings with LG functionaries
- Coordinate peer learning programs among the LGs/community groups
- Coordinate HR management and development matters of LGs
- Develop capacity development master plan and training materials
- Build professional networking with academia and other institutions
- Coordinate representation of LGs in national forums on cross-sectoral issues
- Facilitate alternative dispute settlement and negotiation trainings
- Coordinate formulation of departmental five-year and annual plans
- Coordinate representation of DLG in ministerial committees
- Any other tasks assigned by a competent authority
Support Staff


- Departmental HR management
- Procurement services
- Payment of utility bills
- Maintain office equipment
- Arrange logistic services
- Circulate conference minute/distribute books/reports to Dzongkhags
- Manage pool vehicles and store of the Department
- Any other tasks assigned by a competent authority

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