Decentralization and Local Governance Project (DLGP)

Decentralization and Local Governance is one of the projects that the Department is implementing. The project is being supported by the HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation. The project started in 2018 and will end in 2022. The project is implemented in four Dzongkhags of Haa, Tsirang, Trongsa, and Trashigang and eight Gewogs namely Gakiling and Sangbay; Semjong and Patshaling; Nubi and Drakteng; and Merak and Lumang of the above four Dzongkhags respectively. 
  2. The project intends to improve the overall quality of life as Local Governments in Bhutan gain capacities and implement citizen responsive, inclusive and accountable local governance.
  4. This is bound to be achieved when:
  6. a)   citizens are empowered to genuinely engage in local decision-making processes and in local monitoring, which will lead to better performance of Local Governments, 
  7. b)   Local Government, the department of local governance, and other local partners have clarity on respective institutional roles and responsibilities and coordinate among themselves to effectively support the implementation of local governance reforms, and 
  8. c)    relevant national policies and systems are in place and conducive for local development and citizen engagement. 
  10. The Project aims at three overall outcomes:
  12. 1.    Local governance & decentralization policies and strategies are conducive for local development and citizen engagement 
  13. 2.    Intergovernmental coordination at the Dzongkhag level is effective and supports the implementation of local governance reforms in key priority areas 
  14. 3.    Citizens, with specific attention to women and youth, engage actively in planning, implementation, monitoring, and reporting on local development 

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