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Gups’ Handbook

The Department of Local Governance has developed and published Gups’ Handbook with the primary focus on Gups. However, it can be relevant to other elected (Mangmi and Tshogpas) as well as appointed LG functionaries that share the mandate of local economic development and management. The Handbook can be a good reference for the Gups, Mangmis and Tshogpas to understand about decentralised local governance, responsibilities of LG functionaries and effective way of implementing the local development activities. 
The Handbook is developed with close reference to all relevant Acts, Rules and Regulations, policies and protocols that are associated with Gups' functions and implementation of development activities at the local level. It is also intended to serve as an overall reference and learning tool for the capacity-building of Gups. 
This Handbook is not binding and does not supersede other Acts, rules, policies, guidelines and legislative instruments for local governance. The Handbook is open to periodic revision, depending on change in the central Government policies, rules and practice of decentralised governance. The Handbook contains five chapters.

Community Contracting Protocol (CCP), 2021

The Community Contracting Protocol (CCP) was first published in 2011, encouraging active participation of the public for their own development. It has enhanced the capacity, resilience and responsibility of the local communities, while both inputs and outputs have remained within the local economy. The Protocol provides a faster and easier way of carrying out contracting works in the Local Governments. At a broader, national level, community contracting is intended to create employment opportunities, especially for youth, in the rural areas and address rural-urban migration. 
However, many issues regarding the implementation of CCP were raised by the Local Governments on the need for a practical and uniform implementation of the Protocol. With changing practices at the ground level such as examining procedural loopholes and practical difficulties in executing CCP processes, there have been issues related to non-uniform implementation of CCP. Therefore, in consonance with decentralization policy and to improve the public service delivery, the Department initiated the change of the Protocol in 2021. 

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