The way forward on Gaydrung discussed

A meeting, chaired by Hon’ble Nangsid Lyonpo, was convened with the focal Commissioner from the RCSC on 2 March 2022, to discuss and resolve issues concerning the Gaydrung's post, since the term of the current Gaydrungs would be ending on April 2, 2022. The meeting was attended by some relevant heads of Departments and Officers from the DLG under the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs.

The meeting discussed the Ministry's proposal to retain the post of Gaydrungs as Administrative Assistant II (S4) on consolidated contract as per BCSR 2018, based on the outcome of series of consultative meetings held with stakeholders. 

The proposal was to be submitted to the RCSC as this would go a long way in strengthening the Local Governments and local public delivery system.

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